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Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet: Which is Better?

Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet

Whether you know much about blenders or not, you’ve probably heard of the Nutribullet. This popular blender sits in the homes of celebrities and famous health and fitness influencers alike, and there’s a reason for this – it’s one of the most well-built blenders on today’s market.

But does that make the Nutribullet the best on the market? No. Nutribullet has had its fair share of competition. The Magic Bullet is one of the Nutribullet’s biggest competitors today – and it’s actually made by Nutribullet’s manufacturers.

In this in-depth review, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about both blenders. I’ll compare their features, pros and cons, and ultimately let you know which blender is better.

⚖️ Comparison Chart

Magic Bullet

Magic Bullet

  • Motor: 250 watts
  • Size: 4.75 x 12 inches
  • Base Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Cup Capacity: 12 oz cup, 18 oz cup, 22 oz mug
  • Warranty: 1 year limited, extra cost for 4 year extended
  • Plastic: BPA Free
  • Speed: 20,000 RPM
  • Cleanup: Top rack dishwasher safe parts
  • Price:


  • Motor: 600 watts
  • Size: 5.37 x 15 inches
  • Base Weight: 4 pounds
  • Cup Capacity: 24 oz
  • Warranty: 1 year limited, extra cost for 4 year extended
  • Plastic: BPA Free
  • Speed: 21,500 RPM
  • Cleanup: Top rack dishwasher safe parts
  • Price:

🚦 Performance Comparison

Both the Nutribullet and the Magic Bullet are compact blenders designed to provide a fast and convenient means of blending single-serve batches of juices and smoothies. But how do they differ in terms of performance?

The models both use a cyclonic method of blending, which forces the contents of the blender up to the top of the jar, where it falls back down into the blades.

The key difference here is power. The Nutribullet is available in four different models, with the lowest being 600 watts and the highest being 1,700 watts. The Magic Bullet, on the other hand, operates at a less powerful 250 watts.

Because of this, the Nutribullet is the more versatile and capable of the two when it comes to what you want to blend. While the Nutribullet can handle everything from nuts and frozen fruits to ice and coffee beans, the Magic Bullet is built for blending softer ingredients.

Ease of Use

Magic Bullet

There are three easy steps involved in using the Magic Bullet. Once you’ve set up the bullet blender base, just add your ingredients to the cup and twist the blade in place. Turn the cup upside down and line it up against the tabs on the base, then twist to lock. You’re now ready to switch the machine on and chop or blend as your recipe requires.

The type of Nutribullet you buy will determine how you use it. However, in all cases, you’ll just need to fill the cup or pitcher with your ingredients and slot it onto the blender base. You may need to put the cup onto the bottom first, depending on the model.


Some Nutribullet models come with more parts and attachments than others, which means that setup will take longer, and may be more complex.

In this Magic Bullet bs Nutribullet comparison, the Magic Bullet is easier to use, as it has fewer parts.


Magic Bullet

Cleaning the Magic Bullet is a hassle-free process. There aren’t many parts to worry about – just the blades and the cups. You’ll also want to wipe down the bottom of the machine with a damp cloth. The cups are safe to store on the top shelf of your dishwasher.


The Nutribullet also has easy-clean parts. You can use soap and water to rinse the blades, and the cups can be washed in your dishwasher. Hand-washing the cups can be quite difficult, as they’re small, so you’ll need a dedicated brush to get into them.

In terms of cleanup, both the Nutribullet and Magic Bullet blender are easy to clean.


The most important feature of a blender is its blades – and these tend to be the least durable component of the machine.

Magic Bullet

Both the Magic Bullet and Nutribullet are advertised to have strong, sharp blades, but the Magic Bullet’s blades are faster to wear down. The rubber seals have also been known to become worn quite quickly. You get a 30-day leeway after your purchase to send the blender back if you notice any issues.


Comparing the Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet, the best blender for durability is the Nutribullet. Its blades stay sharper for longer, despite its faster motor. However, being more powerful has its disadvantages. Some customers noted that the Nutribullet’s motor was wearing out after less than a year of use. This could be due to what the users were blending, but it’s still worth taking note of. You’re backed by a one-year warranty with the Nutribullet.

Looking at the Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet for durability, both have their pros and cons. However, the Nutribullet just comes out on top.

Noise Output

The good thing about both of these blenders, with them being bullet-style blenders, is that they’re smaller with less powerful motors, which reduces noise output.

Of course, both blenders are still fairly noisy when in use, but they’re not as noisy as full-size blenders.

With its smaller motor, the Magic Bullet is quieter than the Nutribullet. This makes it the better choice for people prioritizing a blender with a quiet operation.

💲 Models & Upfront Cost

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet has two models: the standard Magic Bullet blender and the smaller Magic Bullet Mini.

The Magic Bullet blender costs just under $50, and is 4.01 inches x 4.48 inches x 11.61 inches in size. The Magic Bullet Mini is priced at just under $30, and is 5.4 inches x 5.2 inches x 11 inches in size. Reviewers say that the Magic Bullet Mini is about half the size of the original Magic Bullet blender, but is still large enough to make single servings of juice or smoothies.


There are many more Nutribullet models to choose from: the original Nutribullet, the Nutribullet Pro, the Nutribullet Pro 1000, the Nutribullet Rx, and the Nutribullet Select.

The original Nutribullet costs $79.99. This bullet blender offers the basic features that customers have come to expect from the Nutribullet.

For just under $110, you can get the Nutribullet Pro, which is 900 watts, versus the original Nutribullet’s 600-watt power.

The Nutribullet Pro 1000 is just like the Nutribullet Pro, except it has a 1000-watt motor, making it even more capable of blending hard or tough produce. This actually costs less than the Nutribullet Pro, at $99.99.

Nutribullet’s cooking blender, the Nutribullet Rx, has 1700 watts of power, a heating function, and large-capacity attachments. This blender costs just under $180, making it the most expensive Nutribullet offering.

Finally, the Nutribullet Select is a 1,000 watt blender costing $109.99. The only real difference between the Nutribullet Select and the Nutribullet Pro 1000 is that the Nutribullet Select is a pitcher blender.

Comparing the Magic Bullet vs the Nutribullet, if you’re looking for a blender for a specific purpose (and not necessarily making smoothies), there’s probably something in the Nutribullet range to suit you. If you just want a blender primarily for making juices and smoothies, the Magic Bullet and Nutribullet are both good options.

⚙️ Components & Accessories

If you already own a blender, you’ll know the importance of quality accessories. The accessories that come with your blenders, and how effectively they serve their purpose, will determine your blender’s overall value for money.

When comparing the Nutribullet vs the Magic Bullet, both have their own share of accessories, but the Nutribullet has the best.

Magic Bullet

With the Magic Bullet, you get:

  • A short 12 ounce cup
  • A taller 18 ounce cup
  • An 18 ounce party mug
  • 3 lids (2 resealable and 1 flip-top)
  • 2 lip rings
Magic Bullet components


With the Nutribullet, you get:

  • 2 18-ounce cups
  • 1 24-ounce cup
  • 1 flat blade and 1 blending emulsifying blade
  • 2 lids
  • 2 lip rings (1 regular, 1 handled)
  • Original Nutribullet recipes 
Nutribullet components

Because it has larger cup sizes available and two blades to choose from, the Nutribullet is the better choice when it comes to accessories.

📜 Warranty

Magic Bullet

When you buy the Magic Bullet, you’re covered by a 1-year free limited warranty. This warranty guarantees that throughout this one year, the blender won’t develop (or arrive with) any defects caused by the construction of the blender itself. If the blender stops working, and not through your own fault, the manufacturer will replace the blender or its components free of charge.

Keep in mind, however, that you’ll be required to pay for the shipping and handling of the replacement blender or components yourself. Additionally, if defects are caused by your own misuse, the product won’t be covered under the warranty. If you need to get your own replacement parts or additional cups, you can find them online. There’s only one Magic Bullet model, which means you won’t get confused about which parts are right for your blender.

You can pay extra on your upfront purchase to extend the warranty for four years.


Just like the Magic Bullet, the Nutribullet is backed by a free one-year limited warranty. Again, the warranty guarantees that the blender should be free from defects caused by materials or workmanship throughout this year. Issues caused by your misuse aren’t covered by the warranty.

The manufacturer will cover the expense of replacing your blender or defective parts while the warranty is in place, but you’ll need to pay for shipping and handling. As with the Magic Bullet, you have the option to pay to extend the warranty to a total of four years when you purchase the Nutribullet.

In this Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet comparison, there’s no difference – both come with exactly the same warranty options.

💬 Customer Reviews & Complaints

Magic Bullet

Users say that the Magic Bullet is inexpensive and easy to use. Customers also agreed that the Magic Bullet is easy to clean after use.

Magic Bullet customer review

The biggest complaint about the Magic Bullet is that it isn’t capable of blending hard ingredients.

Using the Magic Bullet for hard ingredients is a bad idea, as you will probably end up exhausting the motor without succeeding in blending your ingredients.

Customers also noted that the blender is less capable of blending recipes with little liquid, and that it helps to give the blender a tap to send the ingredients toward the blade.

A final complaint was that the cup sizes in the Magic Bullet are smaller. The largest cup is 18 ounces, while the Nutribullet offers cup sizes up to 32 ounces.


As for the Nutribullet, most users agree that it is capable of pretty much everything. It’s quick to operate and produces a thorough blend. To top it off, it’s easy to clean, and if you do need to replace a part, they’re easy to come across.

Customers enjoy the versatility of the Nutribullet. As well as making juices and smoothies, it can also be used to make soup, make nut butter, and even grind coffee.

Nutribullet customer review

There are fewer poor reviews to find for the Nutribullet, but there are still some common complaints.

The Nutribullet is much more capable of blending hard ingredients, but some customers noted that the blender isn’t quite as fast or powerful as it’s advertised to be.

Another setback noted by customers is that the Nutribullet’s blades aren’t dishwasher-safe, so you’ll need to put more effort into washing them by hand.

☑️ Pros & Cons of Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet

👍 Magic Bullet – Pros

  • It’s small and compact, and can easily be stored away when not in use.
  • The Magic Bullet blender is more affordable than the Nutribullet.
  • You can buy the Mini version of the Magic Bullet blender if space-saving is even more important for you (e.g. if you want a blender to take on your travels).
  • The cups are microwave safe. This means you can blend ingredients to make soups, then put the cup straight in the microwave.
  • There are three different blender cups, so you could technically make three separate batches using the same ingredients at once.
  • The lids and cups are both dishwasher-safe, saving time on cleanup.
  • The Magic Bullet blender is quieter than the Nutribullet, thanks to its weaker motor.
  • You can use the Magic Bullet blender to grind dry ingredients, like coffee.

👎 Magic Bullet – Cons

  • There are no measurement lines on the cups, so you can’t be certain how much of your ingredients you need to add in (unless you measure them separately beforehand, creating more work).
  • The machine tends to shake when blending difficult ingredients, such as tough, hard fruits and veggies.
  • Although there are three cups available, they aren’t very big. This means that the Magic Bullet isn’t the most suitable bullet blender for making multiple servings at once.
  • The cups are made from plastic material that isn’t very durable.
  • The Magic Bullet isn’t suitable for blending ice or frozen fruits.

👍 Nutribullet – Pros

  • The Nutribullet comes in a range of models to suit a variety of purposes.
  • Because you have so many choices with the Nutribullet, you should find a model that suits your budget.
  • This bullet blender is one of the best, perhaps even the best bullet blender, for breaking ingredients down to their most nutritious form.
  • The original Nutribullet is small and space saving, whether you choose to leave it out on your kitchen counter or store it in a cupboard between uses.
  • Both the lids and the cups are dishwasher-friendly (as long as they’re stored on the top rack).
  • Considering how small it is, the original Nutribullet blender is surprisingly versatile, and can be used for a variety of purposes, like making soups, smoothies, sauces, dips, ice creams, and more.
  • There are plenty of Nutribullet recipes to get through, so you’ll never be short of inspiration.
  • Compared to some of the blenders on the market today, the Nutribullet is very affordable.

👎 Nutribullet – Cons

  • Although still a personal blender, the Nutribullet blender takes up more space than the Magic Bullet, and is less portable.
  • The cups in the original Nutribullet blender are made from plastic, so they’re not the most durable.
  • All the Nutribullet models are more expensive than the Magic Bullet – although the price relates to motor power, and is justified.
  • There are certain aspects of the Nutribullet that could be improved in terms of durability.
  • Having too much choice can be overwhelming. You might be confused about which Nutribullet is actually best for you.

📌 Summary

The Magic Bullet is a great choice for anyone looking to buy a single blender that can handle a range of tasks. You can use the Magic Bullet as a blender and food processor, and it can even grind coffee.

Because of its small size, the Magic Bullet is ideal for people with small kitchens who are looking to make single-serve juices or smoothies. If you want a high-powered blender for the whole family, the Magic Bullet isn’t the best choice.

Nutribullet, like the Magic Bullet, is well-suited to a number of uses. It has a more powerful motor than the Magic Bullet, making it capable of handling hard, tough ingredients like ice, frozen fruit, and fibrous vegetables.

The Nutribullet comes with a larger cup, which means you can use it to make several servings at once. If you’re short of inspiration, you can use recipes from the included Nutribullet recipe books and the app.

In short, both the Magic Bullet and the Nutribullet are highly capable, well-respected bullet blenders. In the Magic Bullet vs Nutribullet battle, there is no winner – the best option for you should be based on personal preference.

If you’re looking for a personal blender that can handle blending and food processing, you should spend less on the Magic Bullet. But if you want a blender that is powerful enough to crush ice, and is large enough to make multiple servings at once, it’s worth making the bigger investment on the Nutribullet.

💡 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nutribullet Made By Magic Bullet, Or The Other Way Around?

Actually, it’s neither. Both blenders are made by a manufacturer called Homeland Housewares. The Magic Bullet was made first, though the Nutribullet has definitely been marketed more.

Can I Use Nutribullet Cups in the Magic Bullet, Or Vice-Versa?

No. The cups can’t be used interchangeably, as they’re designed to fit on their own blender bases.

Are the Warranties Valid for Both Blenders Straight Away?

No, you’ll need to register your product online to be eligible for the warranty. According to the manufacturer, this is to help determine that the product is authentic. You’ll need your proof of purchase, serial number and model number for verification.

Where can I buy the Magic Bullet and Nutribullet?

You can buy both blenders online, and this tends to be the more affordable option than buying in store. You’ll usually get the best prices from Nutribullet’s official website. Amazon also sells a range of Nutribullet and Magic Bullet products.

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