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Our mission

Drink Juice. Be Healthy. Love Life.

JuicerSpot.com is dedicated to publishing updated articles & content all things juicer related.

Our mission is to help you find the right information & products to address your juicing needs.

How do we help you?

I recognize that whether you are just getting started or have been at it a while, choosing the right product for your juicing needs can be a bit overwhelming. Especially with multitude of brands, models and choices available.

I cut through the noise, sharing in-depth research and insights to help you identify your specific needs and find an appliance that’s just right.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours are put into researching, writing, double and triple checking each and every article I produce to ensure it is both useful and accurate.

With my in-depth guides and reviews you can get all the details or use our comparison charts to quickly gather the most important information at a glance.

Our team

My name is Brian Campbell and I started JuicerSpot.com after being inspired by all the amazing fresh juices I drank while traveling throughout Latin America. I started researching how I could start making my own fresh juices at home when I got back. I spent hours and hours researching products, recipes and how-to’s. Then I realized, hey I can’t be the first person looking for this kind of information! 💡 dinged on, and my website was born.

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Our in-depth research

This is where JuicerSpot.com shines compared to other sites.

I am dedicated to compiling the most detailed & actionable information into product reviews and guides – with your health in mind.

Although I’m not able to test out every single product (yet!) that I review on my site, I DO spend hours and hours researching online looking for real customer reviews (both good and bad), reaching out to people to ask about their experiences, and conducting surveys.

Talking about research, I believe the job is never done. There are constantly new brands, products & updated models coming out. I’m constantly keeping my eye out, digging deep for info, testing and collecting data in order to provide the most in-depth and transparent reviews anywhere.

How we’re funded

JuicerSpot.com is funded by referral traffic and affiliate links. For example, if you read one of my juicer product reviews, then purchase the product from the manufacturer (or on Amazon) after clicking a link from my site, I’ll receive a small commission from the vendor because I sent them your business.

You can read my full affiliate disclosure to learn more about how I make commissions.

That’s us!

Thank you for taking the time to read my story and get to know me! 😃 Its my goal to provide the most transparent information possible in all the content I produce. However, if you have any questions, reach out.

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